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Parking Location System


Public and Private Parking Garage facilities have similar problems.  A busy multilevel garage needs an orderly flow of traffic in and out.  An accurate traffic count on each level is needed.                Keeping traffic conflicts to an minimum, and directing the incoming vehicles to vacant parking spots is always a problem.  For arriving vehicles, finding the vacant spots or locating handicap parking is a problem. Finding open spots several rows to the  left or right of you is very difficult.

How do we fix that?

Our system of indicator lights located above each parking spot lets the arriving vehicle see the vacant spots on his/her row and  several rows over. The exact location of open spots is now visible. At the garage entrance  and each level of the garage a sign shows the number of open spots so the arriving vehicle knows where parking is available. Valet Parking spots are easily allocated. Handicap Parking spots are easily spotted by the driver. No more racing to beat the other guy to the open spot. 
A Parking Guidance System Parking at your garage just became much more friendly and efficient Operators of: Airports, College and Universities, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Office Building Garages, Public Parking Garages, Railroad Stations, Sport Stadium Parking, Theater and Museum Parking.  Improve your parking efficiency and capacity optimization!
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In Summary

Both the Garage Operator and the visiting customer benefit from this system. There is good reason our Parking System is in daily use in other parts of the world. LED Light System - Very low enerage usage and very low maintenance cost Lower overall energy cost by converting to our LED overhead lights